Woman Lost 125 Pounds by Making One Tiny Change Week by Week

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Trying to lose weight is a nightmare. Take it from someone with a thyroid issue that keeps me on my scale tipping toes. However, Australian mom, Keely Dellit discovered a weight loss secret: You can lose weight by simply making tiny changes week by week.

Weight Loss As A Teen

Keely was raised by a surfing firefighting dad and a triathlete police officer mom. They taught her to eat clean food and play sports to stay healthy. By the time she turned 14, she started work at a fast food restaurant where the perk of free burgers and fries started to take its toll. By her senior year she had gained more weight than she imagined, so she tried to lose weight before graduation. She used the go-to calorie count and exercise regime and lost 44 pounds.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Like many of us, she gained the weight back and then some. As life went on, she had three kids. “Any thought of losing weight went out the window,” she says. “Honestly, I stopped weighing myself near the end of my last pregnancy because I just didn’t want to know anymore.”

This is a challenge many women face following pregnancy. For Keely she reached a turning point after her third child. “When I finally stepped on the scale—just days after giving birth—I weighed 278 pounds, my highest weight ever,” she says. “I knew I had to make a change, not just because of the number, but because I felt unhealthy and exhausted. And because I wanted to get healthy for my three kids.”

Incentive For Weight Loss

Incentive like this is a great way to jump start weight loss. You need something to keep you motivated whether it’s being there for your kids, looking good for a wedding, or for your own health.

“I wanted desperately to change, but I also knew that I didn’t have the time to fully commit to a brand-new lifestyle,” says Keely. “So I had to find the easiest, kindest way possible to lose the weight.” Of course, losing weight is never easy. However, if you can persevere and be kind to yourself, your chances increase.

Baby Steps For Weight Loss

“I vowed to make one tiny change per week, which let me ease into a healthy lifestyle,” says Keely.

In Keely’s case she didn’t make too drastic a change at first. For example, she continued to treat herself to fast food and treats. “I simply chose smaller portions (like a small fry instead of a medium size),” she explains. “Then, I gradually made slightly healthier substitutions (grilled chicken instead of crispy, for example).”

Healthy Choices For Weight Loss

“Once I got used to that, I swapped out soda for juice and then traded that for sparkling water. I cooked brown rice instead of white, tried plant-based milks instead of dairy, ate at home instead of ordering takeout,” says Keely. “Those tiny, gradual changes allowed me to slowly transform my lifestyle”.

Transforming your lifestyle is the key to not only losing weight but keeping it off in my experience. As soon as I stray from a similar regime to Keely’s diet the pounds come on fast and furious.

Typical Weight Loss Meals

A typical day for Keely’s diet includes:

  • Two scrambled eggs and a small bowl of oatmeal with berries for breakfast
  • large salad with grilled chicken or tuna for lunch
  • Steamed fish with a big pile of cooked veggies for dinner
  • A snack such as a protein bar, carrot sticks, or natural peanut butter

Keely also drinks at least a gallon of water each day and started a workout regimen. She did basic exercise such as walking or using YouTube videos to work out before taking it to the next level when she joined a bootcamp class. All her efforts allowed her to lose 125 pounds in 14 months.

Happiness After Weight Loss

“I’m so happy that I made these changes, but it was definitely difficult at times,” she says. “Every day I have to decide to be mindful of my food choices and portion sizes.”

Keely now works as a personal trainer using her newfound passion to help others with their weight loss struggles.

Source: https://www.healthy-holistic-living.com/woman-lost-125-pounds-by-making-one-tiny-change-week-by-week/

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