Stray Cat Introduced Her Newborn Kittens To The Woman Who Fed Her

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When you are kind to animals, they will trust you with all they have. And when a mother cat brings all of her babies to your house within a few days, it means she knows you have a heart of gold.

Lily Ivo is a cat person at heart. The Indonesian woman had been feeding stray cats for over 20 years during her working time in the UAE, and after she came back to her country, she didn’t plan to stop.

Akeera was one of the many lucky cats that were helped by this amazing woman. The cat happened to appear in her backyard not so long ago and it seemed like Lily’s kittens had grabbed her attention. Lily immediately noticed that she had just given birth and was kind enough to invite that kitty to come into her house. Akeera hesitated at first, but she decided to come in anyway. Lily fed her, and then she left, but it was not where the story ended.

Screenshot, Lily Ivo

Akeera kept coming back the next two days, and when the fourth day came, Lily was taken by surprise as the cat had brought all of her kittens to the cat house in Lily’s backyard. She obviously liked and trusted this woman, a lot.

Screenshot, Lily Ivo

Watch the heart-warming rescue here:

Of course the kind woman had taken them all in. She tried hard to give the brave mama and her offsprings everything they need: food, supplements, cozy beds, and above all, love. Thanks to her persistent efforts, they had grown up into healthy and beautiful kitties.

Just take a look at these wonderful family:

Lily also helped the four baby cats find their forever home afterward and they’re all safe in their new family now. As for Akeera, she was spayed later and got to stay with Lily and other cats in her home. The incredible mom even treats these kittens like her own babies. She is truly exceptional.

Let’s see how this lovely cat is doing with her new pals:

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