Soul Pain: 7 Signs Of A Suffering Soul And How To Heal It

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Many times I’ve heard people around me telling that they are in pain.

Whenever I heard it, I would instantly connect it with physical pain (because that’s the most frequent type), but these pains were definitely not of physical origin.

I didn’t realize that they were actually soul pain.

So, what exactly is soul pain?

Is it an imaginary pain that entraps our soul like a plague and forces us to fight for our own lives?

Is it something undefinable but felt by everyone?

Driven by my own experiences (as a young woman) and those of other people, I feel confident to state that soul pain is a combination of both physical pain and emotional pain.

It is a kind of pain that exhibits physical, mental, emotional, and social distress due to a tragic, traumatic or stressful situation or life event.

Summarized, it is the worst kind of pain that can destroy you on a physical, mental and on every other level that you didn’t know even existed! 

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