Snooki Hits Back After She’s Slammed For Saying She’s Ready to Hit the Gym Days After Giving Birth

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Reality star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi just welcomed her third child on May 30, but she’s already working to get her body in fighting shape.

The 31-year-old snapped a selfie in her workout gear and shared it on Instagram, along with a caption stating that she was ready to “jump back into the gym” four days after welcoming son Angelo James LaValle.

Polizzi wrote:

4 days postpartum & body is feeling good besides the fact that my cramps still feel like contractions! Still healing but can’t wait to jump back into the gym hardcore this summer! Time to be a fit mawma again for my nuggets.

Though the mom seemed happy to able to get fit again, many fans flooded her comments with concerns that she was trying to hit the gym too soon after giving birth.

Shortly after posting, Snooki added an update to her caption. She wrote:

EDIT: Receiving backlash because I can’t wait to get in the gym and get fit again? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but don’t attack me for wanting to become strong and fit again after my pregnancy. My boobs are leaking and pulsating, my butthole is sore and my cramps are unbearable & I’m still wearing a diaper the size of Texas. Postpartum is a bitch. But I’m allowed to look on the bright side of things and want to get back into shape. Don’t punish me for that.

Thankfully, many moms in the comments actually stepped in to give the 31-year-old some advice on her postpartum recovery. She also gave them a shout out in her update:

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR ADVICE ON HOW TO DEAL WITH RECOVERY! I’m still keeping my diaper on for weeks tho.

Other fans also spoke out to agree with Snooki’s decision and stated that she should go to the gym if she feels like she’s ready for it.

According to Mayo Clinic, women who had vaginal births can start exercising “a few days after giving birth or as soon as you feel ready.”

Working out after birth can have positive benefits such as weight loss, improved energy, and stress relief.

And regardless of people’s opinions, it seems Snooki is doing what she feels is best for her own body.

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