Khloe Kardashian Says New Moms Should ‘Be Kinder’ to Themselves When It Comes to Baby Weight

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Reality star mom Khloe Kardashian rarely gets a moment out of the spotlight.

So when she got up to over 200 pounds after welcoming her baby girl, True, there was immediate pressure to drop the weight.

This week, the 34-year-old opened about up the struggles she faced getting back her postpartum figure and how she learned not to put pressure on herself.

It wasn’t easy to accept her new body at first, she told People:

“In my head I felt like I would push the baby out and then I’ll be skinny again. Then you get home from the hospital and you’re like, ‘What?’ It’s a big shock.”

Kardashian said she hit the gym as soon as she was cleared by her doctor, but it didn’t go as planned. She explained:

“Mentally I was there. But physically, I couldn’t do it. I was out of breath. I didn’t know how I was going to get to my end goal.”

She quickly realized that taking it slow was her best option, Kardashian said:

“I did it day by day. If I could get through that workout, I did. But you’re not going to get it back in a day.”

Kardashian’s slow and steady journey led her to one conclusion, “We have to be kinder to ourselves.”

The “Revenge Body” star said:

“It took nine months to gain the weight, give yourself at least a year to take it off. You have to adjust. And you’re juggling with a baby and your life and trying to do those moments that are about you. You have to be kind and learn how to balance it all.”

Though she has her fit physique back, Kardashian said she’s not interested in dating.

During an interview on the “Divorce Sucks!” podcast, the mom said:

“I’m not even thinking like that. […] I don’t care to be. I’m so in love with True and being with her and enjoying every minute.”

She split from True’s father, basketball star Tristan Thompson, earlier this year.

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