‘Karen’ Coworker Reports A Woman For Eating “Sexy Potatoes” At Work, Office Drama Ensues

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The chances are you’ll be hearing about “eating sexy potatoes” for the first time. But as soon as you learn it, it’s hard to unlearn. So bring your chair closer, we’re about to dive deep into the office dynamics where things are overly complicated and chronically misinterpreted.

It all started with the woman who has been “eating potatoes by microwaving them, then biting into them, eating them hot dog style” her whole life. According to her, this is the most delicious and convenient way, and who am I to judge before trying it out?

But her new coworker was less than impressed with the whole sight. Not only did she pull the author aside to ask her to eat the potatoes the regular way, she then reported the potato eater to HR for “eating potatoes too suggestively” and “sexual harassment.”

The weird office drama escalated up to a boiling point, so tune in for the whole story below that will raise a brow or two. And don’t forget to tell us what you think of the whole incident in the comment section!

A woman who has been eating potatoes “hot dog style” for lunch got reported to HR for eating them “too suggestively” by an irritated coworker

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Here is the whole story of a weird office drama sparked by the internet-famous “sexy potatoes”

In the update, the author wrote how she got reported for sexual harassment, and how confused HR was

The famous “potato eater” and author of the r/AITA post which went viral, amassing 18.2k upvotes, later wrote another update about the office drama. According to the author, she was not the only one who had enraged coworker ‘Karen’ with their lunch choices.

“Karen lost it the other day when Surya brought a lovely tikka masala to share,” the author wrote and added that “She said it was really rude of him to keep bringing curries to the office and that no one confronted him because they were trying to be polite.”

The drama didn’t end there. On another occasion, Karen again confronted the author after she filed a complaint for “cultural insensitivity and sexual harassment (I was really uncomfortable with her watching me eat and sexualizing it).” Karen said that this harassment complaint “was discriminating against her for being Christian and I was making her deliberately uncomfortable by throwing my sexuality in her face, but she knew she couldn’t say that because she’d be called homophobic.”

Turns out, the author was gay and she “honestly had no idea Karen was uncomfortable with gay people (and tbh, that’s not my problem), but she said that my putting a pride sticker on my laptop a few days after she started working here was the start of my escalation.”

The author felt tired and told Karen that “if my existence was bothering her, that’s not my problem and she should just work from home. I also subtly mentioned that maybe this was why she was laid off from her last job.” It all got to the point where this weird office drama “turned into a whole religious and racial war,” the author wrote. Finally, the boss stepped in to apologize to the author of the post, and since, Karen has been working remotely.

“If she ever brings up anything about my innocuous eating, my sexual orientation, or my race again, I’ll definitely file another complaint with HR, but for now, I think I’m content with eating sexy potatoes and eggs in peace,” the author concluded.

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