Kangaroo Annoys Sleepy Cat And Then Apologizes Later

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It is no secret that different species of animals can get along really well at any time. In fact, the way they treat each other could be so sweet and tender that sometimes makes us humans jealous. Isn’t it strange?

Meet Hog, a cute kangaroo who always thinks she is a dog. Hog is a cheerful pet who loves to play all the time, but sadly it’s not like she always has someone to play with. So, what does Hog do when she’s all alone and desperately needs a companion? Does she accept the loneliness and decide to play with herself? Actually, no. The mischievous girl often finds ways to coax someone to have fun with her, at all costs.

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Hog’s favorite victim is the tabby cat of the family. Their interspecies friendship is incredible, but it doesn’t mean the cat is always willing to do everything for his friend, especially when he is busying taking a nap. Here is a hilarious moment when Hog tries hard to wake her kitty friend up to play with her, but the cat just doesn’t think it’s a good idea. In fact, it looks like he feels extremely annoyed.

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After being disturbed, the cat quickly stands up and moves away angrily, leaving the confusing Hog behind. Apparently she simply has no idea what she did wrong.

Hog stands still for a few seconds, and then it suddenly hits her: her friend is mad at her. The guilty kangaroo approaches the cat again, very carefully this time. She starts to apologize by licking his ear affectionately as if saying she’s sorry for her action. Such an adorable girl!

Screenshot, Storyful

Let’s take a peek at their unique friendship:

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