If Your Date of Birth is an Odd Number, or If You’re Born in an Odd Month or Year, This Is what it Actually Means!

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According to numerology, your date of birth can reveal a lot about your personality. In order to find out more, you just need to multiply your day, month, and year of birth separately, until you get a digit from each. The combination of the digits is what you need so that you learn more about your character.

For example, if you’re born on the 14th of November, 1977, this is would you need to do:




According to this, the final combination is 5, 2, 6, that is, odd number, even number, even number.

So, with the help of this example, calculate your own numbers and find the adequate combination below:


People who get this combination always look on the bright side of life. They’re artistic individuals who are sensitive, spiritual, and noble. Often times, they’re big dreamers and have a difficulty in doing practical things. However, they don’t lack one-of-a-kind, creative energy.

Furthermore, these people live for love, but frequently suffer from it. On an emotional plan, they have a trouble achieving balance, i.e. they’re too sensitive and vulnerable. Sometimes, they don’t know what to do with themselves and this is when they begin feeling hopeless and purposeless. This reflects onto their overall mood, so they easily become cranky. However, this doesn’t last long and they quickly go back to being an optimist.

Moreover, these people have a wonderful soul. They’re very compassionate and empathetic. But, as a consequence of their sensitivity, they have a trouble maintaining their mood in good shape, even if they’re provoked by the most banal and trivial things. In most cases, when they’re angry at others, they transfer this anger onto themselves. Sometimes, they want to know more than the situation itself allows, which frequently leads to nervousness and rage.


These people are too emotional; however, they hide this from others, sometimes without even being aware of it. Their main characteristic is that they don’t talk a lot about their plans and intentions, not even with their closest ones. Namely, for them, silence is the right formula for success. Even when they decide to share their intentions and wishes with others, they will feel vulnerable and think that someone will get in their way.

Unfortunately, these people wear a mask, and you shouldn’t try to understand or unveil their true personality, because, the moment you think that they are about to confide in you, they will come up with another truth about themselves and tell it to you. Therefore, don’t pressure them. If they pursue some art skill, without doubt, they will leave amazing work behind them, with the highest artistic and esthetic values.


These individuals are usually the creators of something material, that is, something of real value. For example, famous architects and innovators have this combination, as well as scientists. It’s interesting to note that these people can be part of a successful marriage of any kind of astrological or numerical combination. This is because they’re carriers of harmony-they have everything other combinations need. So, they can successfully become a part of any other combination.

What’s more, they’re very open-minded, which others like lot, so they’re very liked by others. They’re very dynamic and you can never get bored when you’re with them.


These people are great experts and rational individuals who like action. Although they have a tendency toward mysticism and occult teachings, they don’t have a problem in solving life-important issues. On the contrary, this gives them advantage, unlike those who’ve chosen the material or spiritual. These people are great in all sports, so there isn’t an area of life which is unfamiliar to them.

For them, things aren’t divided into important and unimportant, but everything is of equal value. They never prioritize. What’s more, their ability for observation and involvement is one-of-a-kind. They are great sculptors, painters, and builders. These professions allow them to express their true nature in all practical and mysterious colors and aspects.


One thing’s for sure, parents should be very happy if their child has this combination. Namely, they won’t have trouble raising them because they possess moderation, both emotional and spiritual. They’re very balanced individuals who can be very successful if they pursue science.

They’re born mathematicians and physicians, but they can also be great biologists and analytic ecologists. Thanks to their persistent spirit, they remove their biggest obstacles with ease and they always reach their goal.

And, they never allow themselves to overreact, regardless of the situation. They appear as if nothing can touch them, but this isn’t completely accurate as they simply don’t want to make a big deal of everything. These cheerful individuals want to take care of the greater good and aim to achieve a simple and calm life. They can put up with a lot of things, but when the moment is right, they charge with interest.


These individuals are the cold-kind of people. This outer appearance is just a consequence of their inner balance which enables them to react sharply and cool-headedly in every situation. This dedication allows them to pursue anything they want to, especially jobs that require organization. This makes them satisfied and a big transaction or task is an everyday thing.

They always have several alternatives for possible obstacles and problems and easily convince others to follow their way. Namely, they just need a few words and a meaningful look so that everyone in the room becomes their follower. Also, these people never experience spiritual crises, which is of great benefit. Unlike the other combinations, these people know how to handle problems, so tranquil periods in their life might seem boring to that extent that they undertake challenges just to spice things up, not because they will actually benefit from it.


These people are usually surgeons, doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists. The speed and accuracy with which they diagnose something and their numerous other skills are indeed unique. They have no competition, regardless of whether the area is medicine or economics. They’re always present with the right solution and they are meant to help others, so they rarely do something about their own interests.

They treat everyone equally, so, old friends have no benefits, and complete strangers don’t have poor treatment. They have great potential in the area of mysticism and occultism, although this isn’t an area of interest to them because, as rationalists, they’re not the type of person who believes too much in the unknown.


Even though their orientation is toward the earthly things, this doesn’t exclude the great sensitivity they possess. These people are aware of their lack of potential for creating high value art, so they satisfy themselves with following and understanding art at the highest level. They rarely indulge into adventures, because they’re aware of their character. Challenged by others’ low art spectrum, they can create a lot of successful and original pieces of art.

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