Hey Pandas, Post A Picture Of The Best Artwork You’ve Done On Paper

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It can be anything you’ve drawn or painted yourself on paper.

#1 Here’s One Of Mine, Sorry Its A Bit Blurry. Arlington Row, Bibury, England

#2 Honey Bee I Did This With Pastels

#3 Ruins – Gary, Indiana

#4 Not Mine But My 3 1/2 Year Old Son’s Painting, I Did The Sun For Him

#5 Canvas Counts As Paper, Right?

#6 I’m Pretty Proud Of This One. Inspired By Wolfwalkers

#7 I Taught Myself How To Paint During Lockdown In The UK

#8 This Painting Of A Wolf

#9 Past Few Years I Lost My Passion For Drawing, Always Telling Myself “It´s Not Good Enough” And “What´s The Point..” , Comparing More And More Myself With Better Artists. Now I Am, Very Slowly, Getting Back On The Track

#10 Big Gecko

#11 I Continue To Paint And Create To Spite A Teacher Who Said I Had No Talent

#12 Still Life – Learning Light And Shade

#13 I Taught Myself To Watercolour At 12, This Is One Of The Better Ones

#14 My 1. Parrot Drawing (:

#15 Home

#16 Drew This Before Losing Almost All Motivation Due To Reasons. Making A Fresh Start

#17 Sherlock Holmes

#18 I Am Learning To Watercolour. I Have Started By Trying To Sort Of Copy A Nice Photo. This Is One Of Them That Makes Me Happy

#19 Three Random Words, One Drawing. Hope You Like!

#20 Glenfinnan Viaduct. Colored Pencils

#21 Turbulent Cruise, Calm Sunset. Watercolor, Painted On The Rolling Deck Of A Ship

#22 This Is My Fav

#23 Does This Count? It Is A “Framed” Piece Of Posterboard For A Halloween Door Decorating Contest

#24 Never Really Tried My Hand At Drawing ,was Always Too Embarrassed To Try Any Form Of Art But Today As It Was Pouring So I Sat By Window And Just Had The Urge To Draw.it Felt Weirdly Therapeutic ,should I Make It A Hobby?

#25 Some Art-

#26 Owl In Watercolor

#27 It’s Attached Cheetah, But I’m Still Kinda Proud Of It

#28 This Realistic Heart I Drew A Few Years Ago

#29 My Favourite Things To Paint Are Stags

#30 Racing Whippets

#31 Elephant

#32 Im Too Proud Of This, It’s Not Very Good But I Like It

#33 Practicing Shading… What Do You Guys Think?

#34 Bored Life

#35 Do Collages Count? Titled “I Have A Vision”

#36 One Of My Favorites: Insomnia

#37 I Based It Off A Picture Of A Human Cheshire Cat By “Technological Sloth”

#38 It’s A Color Wheel Eye

#39 My First Watercolour Painting With Good Watercolour, Not The Child Euro Shop Watercolour.

#40 Charcoal, Colored Pencil

#41 Random Circles??

#42 This Is Off A Picture Of The Same Bird.

#43 Acab: All Cats Are Beautiful

#44 Sundew, Cricket And Blue Fron Wiings Of Fire, I Did This A Couple Months Back, Not Really My Best, But I Was Quite Proud Of It Then :d

#45 Many Hours Spent Behind The Counter At Work, Bored…

#46 Meteoric Rise In Prehistoric Times

#47 A Picture Of Sanji I Drew For My Friend. I Was Surprised By How Similar It Looked To The Show!

#48 Embers

#49 Liese&lotte

#50 A Kinda Terrifying Portrait

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