For 34 Weeks, an Already Mom of Two Had No Idea She Was Pregnant…Turns out She Was Expecting Triplets

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Earlier in August, a South Dakota mom started experiencing some abdominal pain.

As Dannette Giltz told CBS 17, she assumed her pain was the result of kidney stones, something she had before. So she went to Urgent Care “thinking [she was] going to have to have surgery to break the stones up.”

She had no idea that the urine test they had asked her to take would reveal that she was pregnant. And that the heart monitor they then hooked her up to would show that she was expecting multiple babies.

Giltz explained to CBS 17:

“Well, the doctor comes back in after doing a urine sample and said you’re pregnant….so they got the portable heart monitor they use and did an ultrasound and said there’s possible twins.”

Glitz continued, admitting that she “never felt movement, I never got morning sickness — nothing!”

Later that night, Glitz had a c-section. And within four minutes of each other, Giltz and her husband welcomed not one, not two, but three babies into the world.

Each of the triplets weighed four pounds at birth.

The mom said after birthing the first two triplets, she thought they were done until the doctor called for a third blanket. Glitz said her husband joked during the delivery that the doctor needed to put the blanket back:

“His reaction was like, ‘Excuse me? Put it back. No. I was told we were having twins. I’m not doing triplets.’”

Glitz’s husband said it wasn’t until after he knew his wife and their children were okay that he allowed himself to feel slightly overwhelmed.

The couple, who are now the proud parents of five children, named their triplets, Blaze, Gypsy, and Nikki. And as Blaze, Gypsy, and Nikki’s older brother told CBS 17, he wished for the triplets on a shooting star:

“One time, I seen a shooting star and I wished for like two sisters for my little sister because she always wanted a little sister. And well I wished for a baby brother and a baby sister.”

And unlike his mom, Ronny told the reporter that he “always knew this day was going to come.”

The couple is still waiting to bring their triplets home from the hospital, but they expect that big day to come very soon.

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