‘Everything Is a Farce’: Jenna Jameson Shows How Posing Can Make Post-Baby Body Look Different

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Model Jenna Jameson went on a weight loss journey after welcoming her third child in April 2017, but she’s still staying honest with fans about the results.

The mother of three lost 80 pounds this year after switching to a ketonic diet, which involves low-carb and high-fat eating.

Jameson shared her progress with fans on Instagram, sharing exercise and diet tips. She eventually reached her goal weight of 125 pounds, where she’d like to remain.

Though she looks like “mom goals” to many of her fans, the 45-year-old still has some insecurities.

Jameson recently admitted on Instagram that she still has to “suck in” when she poses for photos on social media.

The mom shared side-by-side photos showing the difference between when she’s sucking in and when she’s not.

Jameson said she wanted to post the images in order to stay honest with her fans.

The mother of three captioned the image:

The power of a good “suck in” Trust in fact I look quite thick if I’m not sucking in. It’s a mama thing. I wanted to show the reality of being postpartum. If I just relax completely I look pregnant. Everything is a farce. Remember you are beautiful EITHER way!!!!!!!

Jameson’s post got a positive reaction from fellow moms in the comments who applauded her for being honest about her postpartum body.

One commenter wrote:

I wish more celebrities like you would do this so women can see that we are all the same! I love your transparency!

Another said:

I suck my mom belly in sometimes.. sadly not always just for pictures… It’s a frequent struggle to remember to love myself, even though I couldnt be prouder to have carried my 2 boys

Some women who have a bulging belly after pregnancy may be affected by Diastasis Recti, or separation of the abdominal muscles, according to Mayo Clinic.

This happens when the mom’s expanding uterus expands the stomach and is most common in women who carried a large baby or are 35 and over.

The condition can be improved with surgery or physical therapy.

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