Dog Takes Young Owner For a Spin in the Most Adorable Joy Ride Ever

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One-year-old Oliver from Lake Forest, California, is being chauffeured by Daisy, who uses her paws to move the steering wheel and even slowly shifts the car to different directions. While they may not have a specific destination in mind, they definitely look like they’re having a great time. And, the world is enjoying watching the ride too.

Jessica Wolf, Oliver’s mom, told the BuzzFeed News that when she saw her dog climb into the driver’s seat, she knew she had to catch the moment on film. And while Oliver wasn’t exactly sure what was going on when Daisy took control, he ended up being pretty happy about it. It really does seem that Daisy knows just what she’s doing.

Though it looks like the dog is totally in charge of the car, Wolf is actually using a remote to accelerate and stop the car, according to the description on the video. She told BuzzFeed News that she kept a close eye on the traveling pair and corrected the car’s direction with the remote.

Too cute! Check out all the action here:

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