Cruel Owner Ties Up Dog With Bungee Cords And Abandons Her – Four Boys Come To The Rescue

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Four warm-hearted brothers rescued a dog named Sparkle and two other puppies all while giving up on their lunch meats and helping a shelter.

Kenny, Kevin, Andrew, and Kenneth are here to teach you a lesson of love, compassion, and life. The brothers were hanging around, helping a neighbor move when suddenly, they noticed a dog. The pup was tied up, lying on the lawn of an empty house.

Leaving the dog just like that wasn’t an option, and the four brothers decided to do something. They came a little closer and the poor puppy was in desperate need of help.

The owner had tied the dog up with bungee cords. The dog was helpless and unable to move. What did the brothers do? First, they removed the bungee cords from the dog and took it home. The cutie loved every bit of the bologna!

4 kids with the dog they rescued

She wasn’t aggressive at all. traumatized dogs almost always attack other people, but this beauty was really friendly. The brothers named her Sparkles and contacted an animal rescue organization.

There was no option for the family to keep Sparkles, and she had to go to the shelter. Sparkles was healthy and patient for her new family. As you may be guessing, a family adopted Sparkles in a few weeks.

The dog Sparkle looking very healthy

These kids are heroes. Rescuing Sparkles wasn’t the only great thing they deed around the neighborhood. A few months after the successful rescue, the brothers found two strays and took them home.

The dog Sparkle in the car

Employees at Detroit Pit Rescue are more than happy to see the brothers aged 7-14 do such a wonderful thing. Their story has attracted the attention of millions of people worldwide, and the shelter thanked the boys through a Facebook post.

Their parents are more than proud. The only problem is the fact that the boys give their lunch meat to strays. That’s much better than being a parent of a brat who wanders around the neighborhood hitting dogs.

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