Christina Anstead Reveals She Decided to Have a C-Section Next Week Following Her Past Experiences

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Roughly four months after Christina Anstead, formerly known as Christina El Moussa, married her second husband Ant Anstead, they revealed that they were expecting their first child together.

And after Christina’s ex-husband, Tarek El Moussa, accidentally spilled the beans on the sex of their child, the couple, who each have two children from previous relationships, later confirmed that they are, in fact, expecting a baby boy.

As Dearly reported, in her announcement, the soon-to-be mom of five revealed that they were expecting their baby boy in September.

Now, Christina revealed she and Ant are expecting to meet their son next week and opened up about her decision to schedule a c-section for her third childbirth.

She wrote on Instagram:

Well… Here we go, [Ant Anstead] … our world is about to get rocked – in all the best ways of course. One week until my scheduled c-section.

The mom continued by explaining her decision to go through with a c-section:

I chose to do this because I had an emergency c-section with Brayden and the whole experience and recovery was really hard on me physically and emotionally. I really don’t feel comfortable trying to go down that route again. Bray was 8lbs 13oz – after pushing for hours and hours – he was just stuck and his heart rate was dropping. Based on ultrasound measurements we think this is going to be another big boy so this is the direction we’ve decided to take.

The nursery is ready, the kids are back in school, I’m not sleeping, irritable and uncomfortable. I’m definitely ready to be done and to meet our little man. One week countdown.

This means their “little man’s” birthday will be on September 6.

Shortly after explaining her decision on Instagram, a fan took to the comments to say:

You don’t have to justify to us why you need a c section. You know your body best.

To which Christina replied saying:

Just getting ahead of certain people making assumptions … everyone’s birth [stories] are different and although no one should have to explain – sometimes it’s just easier to avoid some rude comments.

Christina and Ant’s baby boy will be the youngest sibling to Christina’s children, Taylor and Brayden, as well as Ant’s children, Amelie and Archie.

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