Audrey and Jeremy Roloff Make Major Announcement Less Than Two Months After Sister-in-Law Tori Roloff

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A little less than two months after their sister-in-law announced she was pregnant, the former stars of “Little People, Big World,” Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are making an announcement of their own.

On July 1, Audrey took to Instagram to share a photo of her and Jeremy with their oldest, Ember, on her hip.

In her hands was the surprise, pictures from her latest sonogram.

The soon-to-be mom of two told her over one million followers:

Baby #2 is coming in January!!! Ember is gonna be a big sister! We are so grateful and excited for this little blessing to join our family.

Soon after, Jeremy followed suit with an announcement of his own.

He wrote:

We’ve got some exciting news: Ember Jean is going to be a big sister! We’re very excited to grow our family. Thanks for following our journey and for your continual support of our family.

Audrey and Jeremy’s news of baby number two comes after his twin brother, Zach Roloff, and his wife, Tori, announced that they are also expecting their second child.

Fans think it’s nice that the two families are having their children around the same time. Zach’s son Jackson is only four months older than Ember:

Congratulations. So nice that baby#2 for Zach and Tori will have another buddy to grow up with. Great timing.

Awe!!! I love how you and Tori Andre pregnant again at the same time… so awesome. The twins must be living this.

Congrats it’s amazing how you and Tori get pregnant at the same time lol.

Twins really do, do things in sequence. Congrats, babies are blessings.

Congratulations!!! That is awesome that your little one will be close to Zack’s new little one too.

Tori is a fan of their children being close in age as well.

She wrote under Audrey’s announcement:

Woo hoo!! Love this growing tribe of ours!

Tori is expected to give birth just two months before Audrey.

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