After Months of Fertility Struggles, Today Show Anchor Dylan Dreyer Is Pregnant With Baby Number Two

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Dylan Dreyer is ready for baby number two.

As Dearly previously reported, Dreyer and her husband are parents to a 2-year-old son, Calvin. And for a while now, both Dreyer and Brian hoped to give Cal a younger sibling.

Unfortunately, as the Today Show meteorologist wrote on Instagram, their journey to baby number two hasn’t been easy:

Calvin is our whole world. Brian and I would love to expand our family and give Cal a sibling, but it’s been a lot harder than we ever expected.

She opened up about her fertility struggles and the miscarriage she endured on Today in April.

Dreyer told Today that after months of struggling to get pregnant naturally, she visited her OBGYN looking for some answers as to why. She was told that “instead of having the egg count of a 37-year-old, I am more like mid-40s.”

She also underwent a surgery that removed scar tissue from the c-section she had when delivering Calvin.

Dreyer said immediately after the surgery she got pregnant, “just like that.” Sadly, a few weeks later, the 37-year-old suffered a miscarriage. She said at the time:

“I am grateful for the family that I have, but going through a miscarriage and not knowing what the future holds is emotional.”

Now, three months after opening up about her journey toward expanding her family, Dreyer and Brian had big news to share.

They are pregnant. And they are expecting another baby boy.

Dreyer told People:

“He continues to grow healthy and strong each day and yes, it’s another little boy, which we are all so excited about.”

She added that Calvin also seems excited about having a little brother. However, Dreyer joked that she’s not sure he fully understands what the means quite yet:

“He sort of understands what’s going on but when you ask him about the baby, he says he wants to pet it. So we’ll see!”

According to People, Dreyer was actually pregnant with her unborn baby boy when she first opened up about her struggles and the miscarriage they endured. She just didn’t know it at the time.

Dreyer said:

“The day I was going to start my IVF, I had all my medicines. I brought it down to the Kentucky Derby with me. The doctor calls and says don’t take anything you’re pregnant.”

She then thanked everyone for their prayers, because she believes it was the prayers got her to where she is today; pregnant with their second baby boy.

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