Abandoned Pups Got Rescued And One Of Them Is Still Waiting For Someone To Adopt Her

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It’s heart-rending when we hear or see little creatures who are so weak and vulnerable are just thrown away heartlessly. They are at the age needing care and love the most, but many people do not care about that. They still have the heart to leave these poor souls in the open air, dealing with any danger. However, we still have angels who are willing to do their best to give these furry friends help. Love Furry Friends is one of those golden hearts. They were informed about three puppies dumped in the park, so they headed out quickly to rescue them.

The team received a location and a video where exactly to find the dogs. As they arrived at the park, the pups were nowhere to be seen. People resting in the park also showed them where the puppies were. They found two pups lying under a tree stub at first. Then they found the third one sitting not far away.

Screenshot, Love Furry Friends
Screenshot, Love Furry Friends

The rescuers realized that the pups were being fed since there were bowls of food and water nearby, so they were not hungry. But the park was not a good place for them, they needed a home and proper care. For that reason, they decided to take them to their shelter. The little furry friends were about two-month-old and so shy. They were taken to the vet for a check-up. Here they were given a warm bath, treated for fleas, and vaccinated.

Screenshot, Love Furry Friends

The two puppies excitedly devoured the food, but one black dog just sat in the corner of the wall. She must have a lot of trauma since she didn’t eat and tried to hide. She looked so scared and sad. The rescuer took time to soothe her, trying to assure her that she was in safe hands now. Gradually, the little pup started to join her sisters but still was a bit upset. She needed extra affection and time to heal her soul.

Screenshot, Love Furry Friends

Thankfully, after the shelter posted the pups’ photos on the internet, two of them were adopted.

The last one is named Dina and is looking for a caring family. Dina is so adorable. Expectantly, she will get a good home soon and start a new happy life.

You can watch the video here:

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