50 Things That Don’t Deserve All The Hate They Get

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There’s always something people have demonized. First it was fat, then it was food additives, and lately it has become sugar. But things people see as evil don’t end with our diet.

Other commonly disregarded stuff may have to do with music, like the controversial band known as Nickelback or going to psychological therapy, or not liking animals like rats, tarantulas, and snakes.

We rarely reflect on why specific things cause us such adverse emotions, so this viral thread may give us some perspective. The simple yet thought-provoking question “What doesn’t need the hate it gets?” was asked by Redditor u/Alexdoesthedo, and it has clearly produced some very illuminating responses.


Atheists. Most of us are nice, sensible good people just like you, we just happen to have different views on religion. Just like any religion, of course there are extremists that give the group a bad name, and the rest of us look down on them and don’t support how they act.

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Rats. They’re some of the funniest, most affectionate and intelligent small pets, with a ton of personality, who actually enjoy engaging with people.

They get a terrible reputation for carrying disease or being aggressive- which is just not true for domestic rats. Growing up I had almost every common pet rodent you can think of, and hands down I’d pick a rat over a hamster any day.

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Pineapple on pizza. It’s delicious, and if you hate it don’t s**t on people who like it.

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Therapy. It’s never a bad thing but I definitely still know people who are firmly against or see it as a sign of weakness.

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Bra straps showing. Like what? Why does it make you mad? It’s fabric. And if I’m not mistaken, you’re covered in it on the daily.

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Not wanting kids.

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GMOs. Humans have been slowly doing that since we started cultivating crops, now we can just do it quicker. And there are millions of people who rely on GMO crops to not starve to death.

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Broccoli. Steam it and melt a little Smart Balance on it. Yummy. Your parents didn’t know how to make it. It’s arguably the healthiest food you can eat, at least in the top ten.

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Sleeping with stuffed animals. You’re never too old for that.

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Chemist here. The word “chemicals”.

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Enjoying cartoons as an adult.

Good content is good content and looking back at the cartoons I loved now and then. I do have superior tastes.

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Homeless people. Austin, TX just reinstated a ban on public camping/sitting/laying down, with zero allocation for actually helping the homeless population.

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Cats. Many people I know absolutely despise them because they think they cant love you the way some dogs can, or they remind you of the stereotype “crazy cat person” or the whole “they’re all aggressive/bitey/scratchy” thing. Once I had both dogs and cats (and reptiles!) in my house – and though I love both, cats tended to speak a little louder to me. I’m part of a TNR company and ended up raising one of the cats I caught while searching for my missing cat last month and realized how sweet they can be if you take the time to earn their trust and give them space when it’s asked for.

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The rain. Rain is f**king awesome. It feeds all the plantlife, makes puddles, and my personal favourite, at night time the rain reflects light and makes even traffic lights look f**king amazing. Jesus I love rain.

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Even those who read scoff at what others read and it’s not necessary.

Reading overall is good for the brain and memory. Comic books, magazines about cars or fishing, romance novels, old classics, it’s all reading.

There’s no need to feel shame or shame someone for what they read.

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Sharks. They’re just a well designed killing machine and the chances of them killing you are super low. Orcas and dolphins are actually “meaner” if you want to look at them in a human way, they’ll purposely mess with you or hurt you. Sharks might just bite you on accident.

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Nuclear powerplants….

People freak out because of the radiation but almost everyone is oblivious to the amount of cr*p a coal or oil powerplant dumps in the atmosphere.
Nuclear waste is relatively easy to store and modern nuceal powerplants have good safety records.

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Trans people. Just like many other minorities, most people get little exposure to them other then what they hear and see online. Aka the trans freakouts and anti trans pages aren’t too realistic, along with the tumblr 30,000 genders people, “real” (not because of a coping mechanism or fetish, etc but fr like born that way, ) trans people irl are quite normal.

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Teenage girls who are obsessed with something (a pop star, a movie, a book etc). Let people enjoy things.

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The North American Opossum. They’re docile unless threatened, and I think they are endearingly cute. They perform a great service by eating tons of pesky insects, like ticks. Added bonus, they are almost entirely immune to rabies.

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Muslims, they are really misunderstood everywhere.

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Nickleback – I’m not a fan, but it’s just kind of generic rock music that you are in no way forced to listen to.

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Veganism. We just don’t want innocent animals to get hurt yet we get mocked for it all the time.

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I can personally confirm that I was a piece of work in grade school – then high school. And it wasn’t because of teachers – it was because of me.

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People who text one sentence at a time send Because I don’t think of one big paragraph and then send it to you send I live in the moment and text how I think I’m carrying on the conv when new ideas appear in my head send And sending them straight away so I have your attention as if I’m talking to you send As I think you’re likely to click off after reading one sentence so I try to keep you there send I don’t plan my text it comes out random so I’m typing as I think- like I said. Who does walls of texts anymore? Most don’t read or forget to reply. send I love receiving texts this way.

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Hyenas. Most unfairly villainized and maligned animal in the world all because of some stupid Disney movie. They are not scavengers at all they hunt 90% of their prey and lions steal food off of them far more than they steal off lions. They are highly intelligent predators with an equally important role to play in the ecosystem.

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TV shows made specifically for toddlers. They are toddlers. It’s all colors and shapes and being excited over simple things. That’s what toddlers are about. YOU don’t need to watch the show. It’s not for you.

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People with the Karen haircut who are actually normal and chill.

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TikTok. Sometime it does, but most of the time it doesn’t.

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Billie Eilish. I don’t know what it was that made people go “eeeew, BiLlIe EiLiSh” but come on. She’s an interesting person and her music is genuinely good. I’m not one for forcing artists on people, I just don’t get when a relatively innocuous musician gets that level of hate.

And while I’m at it: Taylor Swift writing about relationships. Just about every artist in existence has either written about their relationships at least once, or usually write about love/relationships, either through experience or generalization. Why is it okay for people like Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, or Ariana Grande to write about their relationships without much uproar, but when Taylor Swift does it? Sheesh.

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Snakes. They are awesome pets and the super dangerous ones don’t want anything to do with you. I can’t stand people killing snakes they find. To me its like killing a stray dog you find. Just call animal control.

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Furries. Well most of them, they’re actually pretty nice people.

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People who want to live a basic, “normal” or “boring” life. From all generations, I am constantly hearing locals/normies being made fun of for not wanting a ~fancier~ lifestyle but like… Why does that matter? Besides, just having a roof overhead is luxurious to to some people. Let others live the lives they want to.

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MSG. It’s like salt but on crack and exploding with flavor.

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Boy bands/ any music where the target audience is teens/young women. people need to stop assuming that anything that is liked by that demographic is stupid.

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Body pillows.

There’s no law saying you have to put something sexy on it there’s plain colored pillowcases for them literally everywhere.

They. Help. You. Sleep. Gud.

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People who lack basic human compassion. It’s a sentiment that we have lost, at least in the US, and it makes for some seriously cold f**king people. Worse, it’s more socially acceptable to be a cold-a– prick than a compassionate human being. We need to fix that s**t if we want to have a functioning society…


Imagine Dragons.

They were the Nickelback of the 2010’s.

It’s time to pass on the torch of hatred for a new overly mediocre band with bland and generic music that all sounds the same.

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Men/Boys watching/reading rom-coms and romance novels.


Funko Pops. People absolutely hate them even though they’re like $10 vs $100 for an actual figurine. What other people collect should be of no concern to you just because you “don’t get it”. People collected Beanie Babies back in the 90’s for no reason and everyone was cool with it. Funko Pop’s are the same thing.

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Fortnite as a game, the community deserves the hate. Fortnite’s premise is interesting and creative mode can lead to amazing results. The community though…

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The Star Wars prequels.

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The Last Jedi.

And this isn’t even that true. Objectively speaking it was a massive success that the vast majority of the audience and critics enjoyed. But the people that hate it seem to think they’re the majority in the Star Wars fandom and act both like a smug majority and a defensive minority.

It’s a good blockbuster movie that has great actors, themes, cinematography, and effects. Sure it has some plot conveniences and physics bugs but for the love of the Force you’d think the people that point those out had never seen a movie with plot conveniences or physics bugs before or consider a completely tight plot or perfect adherence to space wizard logic to be the most important things in a movie.”

“It’s become such a toxic thing because a lot of the people that hate it hate it with a radioactive passion that ruins Star Wars discussion for everyone else (8 hour video on how TLJ is a cinematic abomination, really?)

That’s not even getting in to the people that sent the actress that plays Rose death threats. Though I think every sane person that has an opinion on TLJ can agree that those people are insane children.

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Indians. Yes a proportion of men are horrible here, and there’s crimes against women and all but not all of us are Simps or predators. We are 1.4 billion, so even if 5% are criminals it’s still 70 million people.

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Brussels Sprouts. You can do so much with them! Just stop boiling the hell out of them.

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Kristen Stewart–she’s just socially awkward during interviews! She’s a decent actress. People freak out that she’s not super emotionally expressive… Some people just aren’t!

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Anyone showcasing genuine passion and hobbies on social media.


I can’t believe I’m saying this but… Cyberpunk 2077.

I’m not going to defend the state of the game at launch at all because it was absolutely horrible. But I’ve noticed the conversation has trended from “The game underneath is good but it’s technically f**ked up” to “the game even when fixed is still just half a game”.

I know people were expecting a lot more RPG elements, but IMO the game when it works is a pretty good game and I feel like a lot of people just want to bag on that game that haven’t even tried it.

And I say that as someone who thinks The Witcher 3 is super overrated and wasn’t expecting to even like CP2077.

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Speaking as a comic nerd, Superman. Maybe a niche thing but he’s either dismissed as a boring one note OP god with no substance who can just beat his way out of any situation, or a boring cornball with no edge to him. Both very incredibly wrong, for different reasons.


People who work with fossil fuels, My grandad drives a fuel truck for work to deliver fuel and he stops at a gas station and occasionally some A-hole decides to go off and say your polluting the environment and your making it worse, people like my grandad do the job because it provides food for the family and it’s something they have a lot if experience in, that doesn’t make them the target to bully

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